Corporate Law

We assist clients in all phases pertaining to the life of a company, including:


  • Establishment of companies;
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and authorisations for the future activities;
  • Amendments to the company structure (change of shareholders, change of headquarters, opening of secondary offices, amendment of activities, etc.).
  • Legal assistance for all matters pertaining to the day to day commercial activity;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the relationship with different authorities;

Medical Law

We assist clients for all legal aspects related to the production and distribution of medicines, pharmaceutical products, medical instruments and medical machines. We also have a solid background in the sale of medical services and the restructuring of medical facilities.

Malpractice and medical insurances are also covered by our Law Office.

Fiscal matters

We provide legal opinions on fiscal matters regarding all aspects of a business as well as assistance and representation in fiscal litigation, during fiscal controls and in transfer pricing files.

Real Estate

We offer assistance during all stages of the purchase, sale or administration of real estate and ensure due diligence services prior to the purchase, lease or exploitation of real estate.

Furthermore, we handle the contract drafting (purchase, lease, etc.) and assists the clients during contract negotiations.

Our services also include handling of the real estate publicity formalities (registration in the Land book, amendment of the Land Book) as well as of the merger and division of land plots.

Construction Law

We assist our clients during the procedures for obtaining the building / demolition permit as well as for the zoning procedures, ensuring the legal conformity of the documents.


We assist clients in the process of sale / purchase / merger of agricultural lands and forests and also handles the mandatory real estate publicity.

Furthermore, our clients are assisted in the relation with the public authorities as well as for all the administrative aspects related to subsidies and calamity payments.

Our Law Offices also cover the legal relationship between our clients and distributors, financing providers and retailers.


We assist clients during the setting up, securing, functioning and closing of energy investment projects;

For this purpose we handle the setting up of the project company, securing the lands needed for the project, obtaining the necessary permits and agreements and assisting the client in the relation with the energy regulating authorities.

We also ensure the security of the financial investment by setting up complex guarantees.

Our Law Offices assist its clients in the green certificates transactions and for the sale of energy trough OPCOM.

Public procurement

We ensure the assistance for the drafting of the offer according to the contract awarding criteria of the public authority. Assistance for the duration of the negotiation of the contract is also ensured. as well as for any issue concerning companies in insolvency involved in public procurement procedures.

In case any litigation may arise, our Law Offices ensure assistance and representation in claims related either to the procurement procedure or to the execution of the contract.

Insolvency and bankruptcy

We have a vast experience handling complex insolvency cases, both as representatives of the creditors as well as representatives of the debtors.

Our services cover all legal aspects of the insolvency / bankruptcy procedure, including the demand for the opening of the procedure (at the demand of the debtor or the creditor), drafting the procedural documents, representing the client in creditor meetings as well as in court and assistance for the drafting of the reorganisation plan.

Our strategic approach to the procedure, stemming from our comprehensive knowledge on the subject, is widely appreciated by our clients.

Labour Law

We ensure assistance for negotiating employment contracts as well as for disciplinary investigations and dismissals.

We also ensure assistance and representation in labour law litigation both in front of national courts and in front of Labour Inspections.

Litigation and Dispute resolution

We ensure legal assistance and representation for litigations in front of Romanian Courts as well as in front of Romanian and International dispute resolution bodies, in all of the fields of expertise presented above.

Intellectual property


  • Conducting availability searches in national and international data bases;
  • Providing expertise on trademark classification;
  • Consulting and representing clients for filing trademark applications, as well as on all infringement matters;
  • Conducting opposition, appeal, and cancellation proceedings;
  • Managing and renewing registered trademarks;
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements related to trademarks, such as but not limited to: assignment, license, franchise and distribution agreements.


  • Counseling clients on the possibility of obtaining design protection;
  • Conducting national and international availability searches;
  • Consulting and representing clients for filing design applications, as well as on all infringement and cancellation matters;
  • Filing Community designs and conducting registrations before the Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM);
  • Managing and renewing registered designs;
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements related to design, such as but not limited to: assignment, license, franchise and distribution agreements.


  • Consulting clients on any type of infringement of moral and economic rights;
  • Assisting clients in recording procedures in national registries;
  • Representing clients in relation to counterfeiting and piracy;
  • Representing clients before collective societies;
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing complex agreements;
  • Managing neighboring rights, including but not limited to: protection of visual arts, architecture, photography works etc.